What are the Fashion Trends for Old Age People?

Age is just a number, and yes you are free to try and explore anything even after your retirement. Have you seen recently about fashion trends among elderly people? Gone are the days when people use to consider beauty only in curvy bodies, shiny and young skin and fair complexion. Grey hair people are totally good for modelling too. If not modelling, they can at least maintain their own style and show off their fashion skills among their peers.

Today’s elderly people don’t just follow the trend; they let the trend follow then in-return. And there is also a serious hunt among elders for modelling too.

It’s not about age, it’s about taste and it’s about lifestyle. So it’s all about how one chooses to show themselves up. Added to their taste there are numerous e-stores available with the best stock to try on. Online shopping is a huge help especially among elders who don’t have strength and patience to roam around n number of shops to find what they want. Now that everything is just a click away their shopping inconvenience has ended.

When coming to the retirement homes in India which is gaining a huge popularity these days also keep track of latest fashion trends for their people. This helps as an add-on for the facilities and the comforts that the shelter home provides to their people. Retirement homes have been upgraded to a wider extend these days by increasing the lavishness to their people. They can also come up with some fun activities and events for their people by keeping these fashion trends on mind.

So, the more the advancement in living is the more the advancement in style among elders. Here are few tips for the elderly people about the fashion trend that they can follow,

1. Select proper colours

Wear clothes of the colours that you like. Stop thinking about how you look on them. Happy colours are instant mood refreshers. Also stop thinking about what other says when you choose your colours. Make yourself as a priority and go with the colours that you love. There are also multi-colour cloth materials available that look trendy and make you look out of the box if you design them right.

2. Pick up jewellery

Go with various kind of jewellery. No, am not just talking about gold jewellery. There are various kinds of jewellery available in the markets that are pocket friendly too. Jewelleries these days are made up of plastic, black metal, cloth, etc.

Select the proper set of accessories that can go with your attire and show yourself that you know what are available in the market and what is going with the trend too.

And when it’s about men, you can choose proper accessories too according to your dressing.

3. Jeans is never out of fashion

Who said grey hair people can’t wear something in specific. They can wear anything, even jeans. Jeans is never going to be out of fashion and it has no age limit.
Buy few set of jeans and try numerous tops on it. Mix and match with proper jackets too if you wish to show off your ethnic side by being trendy at the same time.
Same goes with men, they can try n-number of shirts, T-shirts and kurta’s too on jeans. How awesome do they look when they match kurta with jeans?!

4. Select right shades

Yes, hit on proper stores for sunglasses. They can’t be brought via online because you can never come to any conclusion with the goggles unless you actually try them on. So buy the latest ones that suits on your face as they differ with every face shape. Wear it on every time you step out. They not just protect your eyes but also leave a classy look on you.

5. Wallet or handbags

Pick up anything that you are comfortable with. But don’t stick to just one particular thing. Keep changing according to the dress and attire you are going with. There are many varieties available in the market like sling bags, wallets, handbags, clutches that are available in both ethnic style and modern too. And when it comes to men, they can go with nice wallets and backpacks.

Updated: March 22, 2018 — 7:44 am

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