The New Face of Senior Retirement Homes

The new phase of retirement homes in India is rising high. These homes are no longer like the one it used to be before by wearing a weary look, they are modernised with all generous look and at the same time meeting the needs in the most luxury way.

We generally don’t like the concept of leaving our parents at the retirement homes and often shudder at the thought of parents having to live in a retirement home during old age. But given the modern situation where most children are working away from home, whether abroad or in another city, the best option and sometimes the only option is to keep the parents in a retirement home.

Now-a-days these senior citizen homes in India are more like five star hotels with many facilities, luxuries with constant check and care as well.

So, here are few new things added to these day retirement homes

1. Full on safety

It has become a common occurrence nowadays of crimes being committed against senior citizens, as they are easy targets. Living in a retirement home gives safeguard and security to them because of constant viewing of visitors. Also gadgets like CCTV offering constant surveillance and video intercom makes sure that it is possible to monitor visitors.

2. It gathers like-minded people

These shelter homes for the aged people bring all the like-minded people under one roof which is like an add-on for happy living. We are social animals and friends are an essential part of our lives. Once people retire from their jobs they miss the daily contacts that they used to have with colleagues who were of the same age group. At retirement homes with neighbours and occupants of the same age group it is easy for any person to blend in comfortably and lead an actively social life.

3. Constant medical care

One can be on a safe zone always. Retirement homes these days make sure that they have health centres inbuilt under their roof. It is always easy for the medical access and one can be in a tension free state. A steady cause of worry regarding senior citizens are health related issues and medical emergencies. Since retirement homes are exclusively for senior citizens, medical help is always available and are better equipped to handle emergencies.

4. Being able to access to technology

Yes, these modern retirement homes have access to Wi-Fi facility. One can stay connected to their family members no matter what corner of the city they are at. It gives the best way to not just stay connected with people but also one gets to access the technology without losing their habit.

5. A constant companionship

The modern dilemma during these times are that even though there is no economic scarcity, yet due to work pressure and commitments children are often not able to give their parents as much time as they would want to. The result? The senior citizens’ health often ends up being neglected. loneliness is also a giant concern which can lead to mental depression. At a retirement home, the community thrives on companionship and care, hence minimizing any feeling of neglect and isolation.

6. Lavishness all over

Everything is so extravagant here. If you have enough money while retiring then think that your life next will be super luxury. Right from the bathrooms to your sit-out area everything is super furnished and luxurious. It doesn’t give you a feel like you are staying somewhere in a retirement home, but gives you a feel like a hotel stay.

During the period of 1980s-90s, senior care in India was confined to old age homes only. But, generally old age homes meant for the destitute and run for charity purpose. With the change in time, things are also changing and the idea of dwelling independently when retired is becoming more popular. This led to the concept of ‘Retirement Homes’.

Updated: November 29, 2017 — 10:19 am

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