“Old-Age Home that Gave a New Meaning to My Life!”

Best old age homes in hyderabadMy name is Srinivas Reddy and I am 60-year-old. It was one happy life I was leading. My all three kids are happily settled in Australia, UK and USA. Soon after I use to get back home from my work there was my soul-mate with who even the minimum talks made my stress melt away. Everything was all colourful and flowery in my life until one day when a devastating incident took away my wife from this world.

It was then I understood that nothing in life is ever permanent. Things changed drastically after my wife was no more and it was almost the same period of time where I was retired too.

Even though I was financially all stable with a nice big house, servants all day to help with my daily needs, a classy car etc. but nothing could fill in my loneliness. With every passing day I was being dragged into depression. Even though I had my kids to support me throughout the day, it was only through virtual world. Thanks to the technology for at least giving this connectivity.

6 months passed by, still nothing seemed to be working out. His loneliness just kept growing even though he had nothing to worry about in his life, there was something that was missing and leading him to the darkness of life. It was then few thoughts tickled his mind which was to check on any old age homes. That was how PP Reddy Old Age home came into the picture.

I was astonished by all the facilities that were mentioned here in this old age home. Out of all I just wanted to be surrounded by people and make friends to kick out lonesomeness in me. This old age home is not just recognised by its service, but also for its lovable and empathetic people who serve the elderly throughout the day. I wondered why it was called as one of the most well-known senior citizen homes in Hyderabad but only when I visited in person and started to live in there I understood.

It’s been almost three years now since I enrolled myself and started to stay here, but not even once did I feel that I was living in an old age home that generally has a myth of being a home for abandoned people that also gives you a feel which is more or less like a hospital.

Right from the day one I always felt as if I checked into a high-class hotel with 24 hours service availability. It gives you a perfect residential feel with its peaceful ambience all over. I started to feel like I have a new home to live in now.

Keeping the residential facilities aside they also have 24-hour medical facility with constant checking of their people, the other interesting part is they make sure that the people under their roof are fit and to make them fit and healthy they organise daily yoga and physiotherapy sessions. Also for people like me who can’t stay without being connected to the technology they have Wi-Fi facility available too. I am very glad by this internet connectivity because it helps me to stay in constant touch with my kids who are staying in different parts of the world. After I joined in here, my kids are also happy to see me not unhappy and lost. My kids are relaxed to see me in this old age home as they feel I am in a proper shelter home and not even a single day did they worry about me, also they don’t even feel bad for not taking care of me as they are totally convinced by the atmosphere am living at.

The rooms are well furnished; they also have support services like banking, theatre, restaurants etc. the entire team here has a single motto which is to offer utmost comfort, dignity and security for the elderly people.

The other best reason that is making me stay happily here is, I have made enough number of new good friends here with whom I involve in many activities like indoor games, chit chats, hangouts and many more. On the whole this shelter home has given me an all-new life to live after my major loss in life. Every time I look back for the days I spent here, there is only a happy curve on my face.

Updated: March 22, 2018 — 7:42 am

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