Why Are Senior Citizens Preferring Old age Home After Retirement?

We are living in a fast internet world where people keep themselves busy all day. This is in turn leading people to disconnect from the real bonds of love. We find most of the elderly people being ignored and abandoned by their kids. Just to not trouble them, most of these elderly people end up searching for old age homes to live their last phase of life in peace. This might just be one of the reasons. There might be other reasons like people wanting to be independent and self-controlled over their affairs and the other unfortunate reasons might be children staying away from the family.

There are numerous reasons that leading to a huge growth of old age homes. Soon after retirement stage, people tend to prefer an old age home which gives them all the facilities and doesn’t lack in any basic needs. Thankfully there is PP Reddy’s luxury old age homes in Hyderabad meeting the needs of these people. With the descent of the joint family concept, with more and more seniors remaining active for much longer and preferring to be close to their own lifelong friends and communities, and with more children leading increasingly hectic lives where both spouses earn and with no experience of caring for an elderly person, there is a gradual erosion of the tradition of family support in India.

We have the second highest population of elderly people in the world, projected to rise to 12% of the total population by 2020. We live in a country where parents are treated next to God. So, finding a right shelter home to meet their needs when one can’t take the responsibility is a pure bliss.

It is more like a cycle, parents looking after kids and when they turn older enough, it is the responsibility of children to take care of them. Old age home are more like play schools for elderly people. Hundreds of organisations are working to make life easy for destitute parents by developing senior citizen homes in India. There are also parents who themselves prefer the privacy of old age homes as they are more like resorts for the elderly people with all the needed facilities at ones wink away.

Old age homes are often spoken of as a shameful consequence of uncaring and callous children, but they aren’t necessarily so. A well-equipped and staffed retirement facility or a home for the elderly could actually offer several benefits to the elderly: attendants or nurses to care for medical conditions or to respond to accidents, other like-minded individuals for emotional support and physical company, facilities for recreation and so on.

This would certainly be a better option than old parents living in a home that is ill equipped for their needs, where their child is hard pressed to find the time and the resources to look after them and spend time with them with the many other claims on them. It would be better for us as a society to create safe and suitable options for older people rather than to disapprove of and heap recrimination upon families who may genuinely be unable to look after their elderly in spite of the willingness to do so. And let’s us not tar all old age homes with the same brush; they are not all sad, derelict and joyless place where people come to die. Community living for the elderly can be in happy, supportive and workable environments; let us not dismiss the option out of hand as children being ungrateful to their parents.

So, preferring old age home after retirement isn’t a bad choice. It all depends on which home do you choose to stay in. There are old age home with ‘n’ number of facilities and people serving you all the day. It all depends on how many bucks you want to spend on these resorts for your stay. These old age homes are fast becoming the last resort of the elderly people. They have corners for fun and numerous enjoyments too. They can literally enjoy their life just like they did in their schoolings by making friends and hanging on to them.

Updated: November 1, 2017 — 7:15 am

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