“How to Surprise Old Age People with Gifts”

Who doesn’t want to be gifted? There isn’t any age for taking gifts or giving them away. The joy of taking and giving is something that is just unexplainable. Giving is as much fun as taking.

But can you just imagine how awesome it is to be gifted at an old age. Inside every old person lies and young naughty kid. Most of us often tend to forget to gift something nice to elderly people of our family thinking ‘this isn’t the age to gift them’ of such. But that is actually the age to gift and surprise them.

They have strsuggled all their lives to make the people around happy and now is the time to prove them that the love they showered earlier in their life is now coming back to them. Gifting is fine but gifting the right one is an art. What is the use if you spend too many bucks on something that isn’t worthy or useful enough?

Senior citizens homes in India are growing up. And these elderly people are often neglected by the world around. So the homes these days take all the needful steps to take and provide adequate support.

So, here are few gifts one can plan for elderly people to leave them astonished and happy without cluttering their living space,

1. Locking memories in one frame

Photo frames are the best one can give to elderly people. They live with the memories most of the time in those days. Find out their most cherishing moments and days that make their eyes sparkle and broaden their lips with happy smile. What is better thing than to bring their treasuring memories alive again?

Find some interesting frame, get few pictures ready and fix them all in one. That’s all it takes to make them instantly happy. Family is what they crave for in that age. It is not always about how your gift can be used; sometimes it’s also about how it is felt too. Check on fames that are also available in badges and fridge magnets these days.

2. Gadgets

Yes, they are also a good option to consider. Now-a-days world is all connected through internet and gadgets only. Because of the busy tech world most of the elders and kids stay apart, even though their hearts aren’t. So, the best way to connect them is via technology.

Apart from just keeping the family connected, the other advantage of giving gadgets is they get to learn a lot and also a best way to keep them updated to the reality. Old-age is the period where one is completely out of stress and involves themselves in some learning. So, gifting gadget is the best option for them to stay updated to the technology as well. Think of some tabs like Apple iPad or pick up any smartphone of your budget.

3. Cosy stuff

Sometimes, even the smallest of the small items can be the best choice to give. A cosy pillow with a little warmth is something magical at that age or you can pick up something for their comfort too like go for winter gloves. Their happiness lies in little things. Costly stuff and brands isn’t their thing anymore; it is more of comfort at that age. Pillow massager and such kind off items can be helpful for the ones who suffer with pains because of their age.

4. Check out some incredible journals

They love to read at that age. Check out some amazing magazines and publications. Hunt for some nice interesting novels for them. The more they read, the happier they turn. Anything can fade at one extent but something that you read with your heart doesn’t fade any sooner, so pick up some positive stories to be read by them. These not only kill the time but instil positivity in them.

Keeping all the materialist gift choices aside, realise that the best gift one can give to the elderly people is their time for them. There isn’t anything more costlier, happier and worthy gift to give your elders that you yourself. So, don’t delay. Go surprise them!

Updated: January 22, 2018 — 7:05 am

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