Tips on How Old Age People can Engage Them Self

Did you know that ‘Loneliness is the terrible poverty’ and it can lead to many diseases. Most of them do get struck with diseases just out of the feeling of being isolated. And it is very important that old age people are always busy with something or the other. Once they are retired, this phase in the initial stage when they try to settle down with no busy and hectic schedules they generally tend to loose themselves. Indulging in something is utterly needed for these people who stayed all their lives busy and they just can’t keep themselves idle.

We can’t add age to life but we can add life to age. This is the little magic that most of the retirement homes believe in these days. They are trying their best to make retired people feel as home with many new facilities being added on every now and then. Most of them even organise different activities too for their elders so that they don’t let depression swallow them off.

Instead of elders staying alone it is better they are under a common roof called shelter home when their kids are busy working in some other states or countries and have no opportunity to take care of their parents but can just give assistance and virtual care through technology so as to not make them feel abandoned.

Keeping yourself active just means keeping your brain active; keeping it active can help you fight with many problems. So involve yourself in something that entertains you and keep you busy no matter how old you get you still have loads to do and loads to learn. Here are certain tips on how old age people can embrace themselves for some new beginnings,

1. Make a to-read-list

You have been busy your entire life when you had a career or when your kids where young or growing up. You always had something that had more priority than your reading and your books. Even though you wanted to read you couldn’t spend enough time for it. So, now is the time for you to read as much as you can. Entertain your brain by reading n-number of books. Our world has enough number of books to keep you interested throughout your life. Make a list of books that you want to read and keep ticking them off. It is proven fact that reading books can reduce mental illness by almost 50 per cent.

2. Start playing games or puzzles

Playing games are always good to your brain. Even a simple puzzle one a day can help tickle your mind by turning it to active mode. It helps in building or maintaining your creativity, memory and decision making abilities. Just pull out daily newspaper and you get a puzzle and a Sudoku to solve every day. Make some friends and start playing some card or board games together as a group this not only helps you to be active but also creates social participation.

3. Pick up your pencil or pen

Yes, either start writing or involve yourself in some art. Don’t you have enough memories and stories that you always wish to keep them fresh on mind. When you start penning down such memories or stories they help you keep happy and make your day cherishing. And remember when these are caught to your grand-children’s hands someday, they will definitely treasure them by re-reading too. You can even show your creative side of your brain by making some interesting drawings.

4. Start a new hobby

Think of a hobby that you always wanted to do or learn. It can be either to learn a new language or learn any instrument. Your mind is always hungry to learn more and has no age bars for it. Register yourself in some new classes and keep yourself young again mentally.

5. Have fitness goals

Start eating healthy and have a strict diet plan for yourself. Even though these days the shelter homes make sure that they follow a proper diet plan, still make sure you follow a healthy routine. Fitness is not always by working out over gym but it is more about your eating healthfully. Make sure you consume proper intake of nutrients that makes your body operate well.

Updated: February 10, 2018 — 10:42 am

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