A blissful and positive Old Age Home in Hyderabad with Resort like feeling


An old age home always triggers negative vibes, but it isnt in reality. When you visit PP Reddy Old Age Home in Hyderabad, the conventional concepts get shattered. It is a well-equipped and well-managed place where you feel the positive vibrations of affection, love and belongingness. Since the mission of this organization is to extend unconditional and selfless love to all, everyone feels immense peace and calmness in the premises.

The organization runs on the principle of helping those who need it not because it is a work of charity, but it is the duty of us being a responsible and sensible member of the society. The country and the social structure give us so much; it is our duty to repay it as per our capacity.


The Old Age Home in Hyderabad with a difference!


Everything is so special there! Along with the basic amenities like safe and secure livelihood, healthcare and entertainment, the organization adds value to the life of elderly people. Yoga and Naturopathy, spirituality and meditation, self-care and hobbies, the best things are offered to delight them. The objective is to bring positivity and enthusiasm in their lives so that every new day brings new rays of hope and enlightenment!

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