Frequently Asked Questions

On what ideology does PP Reddy Old Age Home work?

We feel that it is our duty to treat elderly people with love and affection because they just don’t need it, but deserve it! Each member of our team is committed for bringing a positive change in their life. It is not just an old age home, but a place that brings a smile on their face!

What makes P P Reddy Old Age Home different from other old age homes?

P P Reddy Old Age Home infrastructure is designed on 4 Acres of lush green area, away for noise and pollution. The building is designed for senior citizens keeping their comfort in first place.

Do you have a garden or a jogging track?

Yes, we have a garden that is designed on 8000 Sft area & a half acre of organic plantation for vegetables and fruits. We have also planted thousand's trees in the campus for fresh air and healthy living lifestyle for our inmates.

What is the process or steps you follow in a medical emergency?

It is a boon to our old age home that many super specialty hospitals like Apolo-DRDO, Owaisi, Kamineni hospitals, Om Sai Super Specialty Hospital and Global Hospitals are a stone throw away from our old age home. In a medical emergency, first we take our inmate to the nearby super specialty hospital. Later we inform the family members about the medical condition of our inmate.

Do all the rooms have Television?

Yes, all the rooms in our old age home has 32 inches LED televisions and a separate cable connection for every room. Apart from television we also have an audio sound system throughout the perimeter. This is designed for the comfort of our inmates.

Do you have a reading room or a library?

Yes, we do have a library with a reading room. Our library have thousand’s of books from different verticals. We also have a mini theater with a sitting capacity of 60 people. This mini theater is designed with international standards.

Do you have a medical team?

Yes we have senior medical practitioners and couple of nurses working 24/7 taking good care of our inmates. However, specialized doctors visit our old age home every day.

How is the food in your old age home?

Vegetables, fruits everything in our old age home is organic. We take care of the health of our inmates hence, we grow our own vegetables and fruits. Specialized cooks, diet plans & well designed dining hall makes our inmates to enjoy food to their heart.

What are the precautions taken for people who need support to walk?

We have designed our old age home keeping in mind, inmates who need support to stand and walk. Specialized support bars throughout the perimeter is designed and placed. Support bars are also placed in bathrooms for the comfort of our inmates.
In our old age home, all the flooring and bathrooms are designed with anti skid material.

Do you have an ambulance?

Yes we do have a special vehicle for ambulance with a team of drivers to meet the special needs of our inmates.

Do you organize excursions?

Yes we do plan and organize excursions to spiritual places.

How is it different from others?

Well, we have a team of professionals who knows the intricacies and difficulties of managing elderly people. They are well-versed with the ways of bringing cheer and enthusiasm. Thus, we not only offer a cozy ambiance but bring happiness from inside.

Do you have eligibility criteria for admission?

We do not discriminate on the basis of caste, age or religion. Neither do we have categories. However, there are certain fundamental aspects as good conduct, clean habits, manners and etiquettes, and flexible nature. We expect that members live cohesively and cooperatively with others. They follow the rules and maintain decorum.

Can I invite my relatives, friends or grandchildren for some time?

We would be more than happy to entertain them. However, you need to take prior approval for the same. Also, the accommodation and food will be on a chargeable basis. We may extend some facilities complimentary as a goodwill gesture.

Can I ask for special facilities?

Yes, we provide customized facilities. These facilities are designed for the comfort of our inmates.

How do my family members know about any emergency situation?

There is nothing to worry. We have contact numbers of your family members, and they will be intimated as quickly as possible. The required information is collected at the time of admission.

What are the criteria for twin sharing?

It is allotted to spouse and blood relations on the priority. If it is not applicable, then people of the same sex are allotted based on personal likings and willingness. We try to find an amicable solution.

Can I quit and rejoin?

It is possible, but you may find it difficult because there is a queue of people waiting to join. We do not assign any priority to people based on the fact that they are ex-residents of our old age home. It is against the natural justice.

I am worried about my spouse. What will happen to her after me?

Please don’t worry about it! We wish your good health and long association with us. However, our team makes sure that the facilities are allotted to a right person. We accommodate a person of the same gender from the waiting list.

I stay aboard. When I visit India, can I come to meet my parents and stay with them?

Yes, you can stay and enjoy our hospitality with a nominal extra charge.

Do you have a walking track?

Yes, we have a specially designed garden with a walking track in the campus.

Do you have a RO water plant?

Yes, we have a specially designed RO water plant.

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